All forms of UV radiation exposure can lead to skin cancer and this not only includes the sun but sun beds as well. Using a sun bed is extremely dangerous, and is a major cause of premature ageing; Mr Banwell recommends use of spray tans or self tanners if you would like a ‘healthy glow’.

Mr Banwell strongly supports the national ban on sunbeds for those under 18 and the continued pressure to minimize use of sunbeds for everyone. Even top models like Kate Moss are now endorsing ‘Safe Sun’ campaigns too and calling for a ban on sunbeds.

Sunbeds increase the risk of all forms of skin cancer including melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma, BCCs and squamous cell carcinoma, SCCs). It is well known that indoor tanning devices are linked to the potentially deadly malignant melanoma but recent research has also shown that this applies to the other kinds of skin cancer too.

The latest study shows sunbed users have a 67 per cent greater risk of developing squamous cell skin cancer and a 29 per cent higher risk of basal cell carcinoma compared with people who have never used indoor tanning.

The study, published on, says there is a ‘critical’ period in early life when the damage is initiated and that greater exposure leads to a higher chance of developing skin cancer.

Mr Banwell and The Banwell Clinic regularly review the latest technologies in sun creams and SPF protection. One of our current favourites is the Heliocare ranges which provides top-quality SPF and skin protection - Be SunSmart! Phone 0845 2600 261 now for your sun cream.

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