As the incidence of skin cancer seems to be increasing year on year, the general public is becoming more conscious of their skin and more ‘mole-aware’. Many people would like their moles checked on a regular basis for reassurance, especially if there has been a recent change in one or two particular moles. There may be a history of living abroad, episodes of sun-burn or there may also be a family history of skin cancer. Mr Banwell sees patients from all over the South East for mole checks. If you live in East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Brighton, Hove, Tunbridge Wells, Worthing, Hastings, Eastbourne, Chichester, Sevenoaks, Horsham, Bexhill, Crawley, Caterham, Guildford, Horley, Maidstone, Channel Islands or London, there is a Skin Health clinic local to you for rapid assessment and diagnosis.

Mole Check list – Consult Mr Banwell urgently if you notice any of the following in  your moles

Change in size

Raised Mole

Change in colour

Change in outline

Large moles (>7mm)

Moles that bleed

Moles that crust

Asymmetry of a mole

asymmetry of mole

Keeping an eye on your moles - TOP TIP!

In the world of modern technology, Mr Banwell recommends self-monitoring of your skin and moles with digital photography. Get a friend or partner to photograph specific moles or take a wider view of your chest and back. Using a ruler next to them is a good idea too. Repeat photography every 3-4 months and compare the images on the computer. This is an easy way to pick up obvious changes and is another trigger to be reviewed by a skin cancer specialist such as Mr Paul Banwell if required.

Caution with mole mapping

Mole mapping can be a useful technique but it is essentially a marketing tool used by companies for commercial gain. The purpose of this technology is to take magnified images of moles for them to then be subsequently checked by a skin cancer specialist. It was developed for use in remote places in Australia so that a non-medical person could report back to a skin cancer expert. It adds in another step to your care and may be an unnecessary expense. Cut out the middle- man and get a direct mole check by a skin cancer specialist in person! Call 0845 2600 261 for a personal appointment with a skin cancer specialist. 

Please contact Mr Banwell's office on 01342 330302 or email for further information.

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Did you know that sun protection factors (SPFs) are both anti-skin cancer and anti-ageing too!

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