Medical needling devices are similar to miniature garden spike rollers and are made of many tiny needles which roll over and penetrate the skin’s upper surface.  The micro-punctures made in the skin stimulate collagen production and this in turn can lead to the improved the appearance of scars, fines lines, wrinkles (rhytids), stretch marks and acne scars. Mr Banwell has also been researching their use in the transdermal application of serums, creams and cosmeceutical products allowing these compounds to be absorbed more deeply and effectively. Medical needling is also known as micro-needling, skin rolling or natural collagen induction therapy (CIT).

Medical needling will help with the following:

- soften fine lines

- help tighten the skin and restore elasticity

- thicken the skin

- reduce the appearance of scarring

- help reduce pigmentation marks

A course of treatments is usually recommended and treatments require the use of local anaesthetic cream beforehand.

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