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Advanced medical-grade skin care (otherwise known as cosmeceuticals) represent skin products that can improve the function of the skin in a variety of ways – ranging from preventing premature ageing, to improving acne, reducing pigmentation, improving fine lines, increasing clarity and luminosity and generally improving the outward appearance of the skin.

They contain active ingredients at high concentrations to ensure excellent results. These products fall into the area between over the counter cosmetics (OTCs) and prescription-only medicines (POMs). As with all things in life, there are good products and not so good products.

Skincare in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London

Mr Banwell and his team, based in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London, recommend you obtain your products from Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Doctors who have the expertise in using and ‘prescribing’ cosmeceutical regimes. A careful skin assessment and a tailored skin care programme can work wonders for your complexion. Interestingly, cosmeceuticals not only help reverse the effects of ultraviolet radiation (termed ‘photorejuvenation’) but they are also play a crucial role in protecting your skin against skin cancer (termed ‘immunophotoprotection’ or ‘immunoprotection’).

Key concepts in effective skincare

Optimal skin care and skin health need not be complicated and when used as a long-term strategy it can help treat major skin conditions. In particular, Mr Banwell and his Practice (The Banwell Clinic  are big advocates of advanced skin care products which are of premium quality and have been developed with a scientific approach by identifying the six key features required for skin health:

Immune protection,

Anti-oxidant protection from free radical damage,

UV protection,


Cell repair

and exfoliation.

One of the most exciting recent advances in medical skin care in the UK is the development of isotropic formulations which means the products have been formulated using specialized compounds which are skin identical. Mr Banwell believes this signifies a huge advance in the skin care technology world and now recommends these formulations (and others) for his patients.

Healthy glowing skin often only requires a simple effective routine but in some patients additional treatments may be required. For a complimentary skin consultation and more information on tailored skin care regimes phone 0845 2600 261 or email

Skin care active ingredients

There are many different skin care actives and they may be classified as follows (after Banwell & Seth 2013):

Class I: Anti-ageing

               Type A antioxidants

               Type B hydroxyacids

               Type C peptides

               Type D others (hormones, growth factors, etc)

Class II:  Sun Protectant Factors

Class III: Anti-pigmentation

Class IV: Anti-acne

Class V:  Moisturisers and botanicals

Examples of key compounds are as follows:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A products, eg. Retinol and retinaldehyde are central to your skin looking good. Multiple clinical trials have demonstrated proven benefits via stimulation of collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Retinol has also been proven to improve skin clarity and texture, promote anti-pigmentation and treat acne!

Alpha-hydroxy acids

Essential as a night-time treatment. Hydroxy acids in different strengths help chemically exfoliate the skin for a smoother, glowing complexion. Lactic and glycolic preparations are best.


Niacinamide is a wonder ingredient! Otherwise known as Vitamin B3, it is a powerful immunoprotectant, helping guard your skin against the powerful rays of the sun. It also has effects on pigmentation, can sooth your skin and reduce oiliness.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic Acid, famously-used in dermal fillers, is also an excellent topical treatment. It is capable of holding up to 1000x its own weight in water and hence helps to restore critical moisture to dehydrated skin, increase skin’s suppleness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A must have.

Cosmo-C250 (1-Methylhydantoine-2-imide)

Skin care specialists have been searching for effective alternatives to hydroquinones and products such as kojic acid for years; Cosmo C250 is a new patented formulation that out-performs kojic acid 10-fold in terms of treating pigmentation.  

Mr Banwell's Recommended Skin Care Products

MEDIK8 Skin Care is a UK-based company who have immense experience in producing high-quality medical grade (cosmeceutical) skin care products. We love their range and the feel of the products on your skin. They produce a wide range of products aimed specifically at anti-ageing, acne, sensitive skins, skin redness & rosacea and sun damage. Our Team at the Banwell Clinic will be happy to guide you through all the Medik8 UK advanced skin care products and we offer complimentary skin assessments with our aesthetician or aesthetic nurse.The Medik8 skin care line is constantly evolving and being updated as more research becomes available.


Try the following key products from the Medik8 cosmeceutical skin care range

CE Tetra for potent antioxidant protection

Hydra8 - smooth topical hyaluronic acid and hydration for the skin

Medik8 creamCleanser - a powerful silky-smooth cleanser containing alpha hydroxyacids

Retinol 3 TR - a potent vitamin A derivative and 'Aesthetic Awards' winner. Gives smoother and younger skin

Please phone 0845 2600 261 to order your products today for a fast, efficient service.






Rationale skin care is an exclusive, premier, top-selling cosmeceutical brand from Australia. Their products are backed by an impressive, evidence-based approach and unusually they are a research-driven company with their own state of the art laboratory at their headquarters in Melbourne. To remain at the forefront of cutting-edge skin care innovation, the Rationale R&D team continually study new ingredients, technologies and delivery systems, pushing the boundaries of scientific research to perpetually set new benchmarks in efficacy and cosmetic elegance. T

Rationale skin care products are now prescribed and endorsed by the best cosmetic doctors in the world but headed up by the cognoscenti of cosmetic doctors and Plastic Surgeons in Australia and the UK . Filling a gap in the market for products containing truly skin-compatible active ingredients, the Rationale product range extends from professional Procedure peels (enzyme reactivators) through to sun care, acne solutions, treatment make-up and take-home skincare.

Following over two years of groundbreaking research and development, Mr Richard Parker ands his team at Rationale have unveiled the future of skincare – ISOTROPIC FORMULATIONS. Rationale have been the first to pioneer this new, cutting-edge Isotropic Technology, developing entirely new and original formulations that are now 100% synchronised with the skin and skin identical.  This means more effective active skin ingredients, less risk of allergy and a wholly natural approach. A new industry benchmark has been set. Please note that Rationale Skin Care is not sold in the UK and is only available online direct from Australia.






Rationale skin care products video




skin care product reviews will follow shortly

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best skin care available?

    There are many excellent brands on the market. However, in an attempt to discover the very best products to offer his patients, Mr Banwell constantly researches the best active skin products that are available from around the world. He is now a recognized expert in this field and lectures worldwide so is well-placed to offer his expertise to patients.

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Did you know that sun protection factors (SPFs) are both anti-skin cancer and anti-ageing too!

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