Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

reaction of lorazepam Taking care of your skin is essential not only in looking good but also to help in the battle against the effects of ageing and the harmful effects of the sun. To have healthy, bright and luminous skin is a goal we should all strive for.

However, your complexion may suffer not only because of ageing or the sun; you may also be anxious to improve your acne, or perhaps consider a revision of a scar. Patches of pigmentation can also severely affect confidence just as much as the presence of wrinkles.  

Whatever you motivation for wanting better quality skin, Mr Banwell (an expert in skin care and skin health) is on hand to help make your skin look great. Be it advice on the best sun creams (sun protection factors, SPFs), discussion about removal of an unwanted mole or indeed about more serious concerns such as skin cancer, please feel free to contact our office for further help or advice.

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We offer the latest tailored skin care regimes including the award winning Medik8 skin care ranges and ManeNocte in addition to a wide variety of technologies including Dermalux LED light treatments, Medical microdermabrasion, luxurious combination facials and the state of the art 3-D LipoMed system for body contouring, skin tightening and cellulite. Phone The Banwell Clinic now on 0845 2600 261 to book an appointment.



Please contact Mr Banwell's office on 01342 330302 or email for further information.

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The key is to check you moles regularly - look out for changing moles – colour, size, outline, bleeding, crusting or itching

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